Cyberpunk Dj Mask With Full Programmable Display – Retro Graffiti Demonstrationvideo in The Description



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Akali – Wrench inspired convention / DJ & entertainment Mask. Mouthpart of the mask: – Sound activated El- Panel with sensitivity regulation – Reacts to sound. If something loud happens, the teeth begin to light up – The middle part ot the teeth light up first, then the rest of the teeth begin to light up step by step when something louder happens in your environment Vizorpart of the Mask (Eyes): – Chemion LED matrix – Programmable LED-Matrix wich you can control & program with your own smartphone (9×24 Pixel) – Chemion App free download on google play or app store ( you can download it & play with it to see what it can do 🙂 ) – Text editor, real sound activated equalizer & animation editor (for up to over 500 frames per animation) – you can create your own animations, symbols, emojis, texts & save them on your smartphone or the mask (the mask have space for 5 big animations / texts) – change the emojis, animations or text on the mask by pushing the button on the mask or by klicking on a animation on your smartphone while it is connected to your mask – The light on the pictures is peral-blue. If you ask me you can have the light also in red, green, white, pink, violet .. a different custom colour you want or a mix: one side red, other blue is also possible for example – Vizor is white, you can see the people very well – Double mirrored Thermalglass – Infinity LED effect, pearl optic & light breaking effect Mask: – The mask is a high quality, ultra-comfortable product with high end features – Eyecatcher on every Convention, Party & other Events – Power source: 2x AAA baterys for the Led-Display 2x AAA baterys for the teeth – One size, you can adjust the band on the back, so it fits to your face very well Custom Modification: I can change the light of the display in the vizorarea in any color you want & also mix colors like: left side red, right side pink You can contact me if you have any questions or custom requests See this mask in action in real sound test here ->


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